I was made to be wide-eyed all the days of my life.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Green Lake Part I | 22nd

Twenty second

Its June today.
Full blown June.
The Sun punched in early.
Its taking its time across the hallmark sky
working.Over time.

Its particles and rays
dance chromatic tones across the lake
each ripple a spelling of an answer
to the questions I'd been asking all year.

Every year I'm suprised
checking the calendar, the clock, the shrub at the corner of the house.
Its blooming already? Check.
Check. Double Check. Check.

The days grow long,
and my memory returns
of being eight years old in a large poster bed.
Watching the same light float through the window
feather onto my feet
Bare. Cotton Sheets.

The fan in the window says sleep, sleep, sleep
But I won't be fooled 
I put my face in the path of the beam
Dreaming summer dreams,
asking questions for answers
 come next June 22nd.


  1. "...At the Green Lake First Annual Poetry Slam, I..."

    --A letter from Weien


  2. I suppose it oughta be "First Annual Green Lake Poetry Slam" but then again I'm just a very anal ninny. *smiles too*