I was made to be wide-eyed all the days of my life.

Monday, April 23, 2012

No man is an island

I've recently had the chance to visit my siblings in Kauai, Hawaii and am loving every second of it. 

More Images soon. 
Aloha, Laura

Friday, April 13, 2012

Cliff + Christen

I had the beautiful chance to shoot this fun and very much engaged couple this spring in Texas. 
The light was perfect and so were Cliff and Christen. 
I'm looking forward to seeing more of the beautiful couple soon, but for now, a preview.

Go get married, world.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


A friend recently reintroduced me to Wendell Berry  the poet farmer man. His work is a breath of fresh air, that smells a lot like clean, honest ground soil. I've been refreshed by his reminding me to remember lately. "What we need is here."

Monday, April 9, 2012

To Do: pt II

'Spring Camping"

BT Photo Disk
Dryer Lint
refill kerosene
sleeping bag
comforter, sheets
coffee+filter holder
mess kit

Man does not live by bread alone.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To Do: pt. I

  1. I love lists. 
  2. I love making them, finding them, recreating them, photographing them. I love lists.
  3. I love words put down in dutiful order, representing tasks that take up more than just the space of a 6 letter word.
I love:
The clustered closeness of To Do lists: a profound peek into the personal priorities of time.  
That sighing, brainstorming, 'what-is-everything-I-possibly-need-to-get-done" moment when what's inside the head, -bouncing, gnawing, scooping up attention- is suddenly birthed on to a page in a frenzy of scribbled ball point ink or No.2 pencil. 

The creative potential of grocery lists: how many meals could you make featuring an avocado, after all?

The Shopping lists around Holidays: What began as a scrap utility bill now suddenly morphed into gadsby of dictator. Popcorn maker for Mom? Check. Light-up bug net (Batteries not included)? Check. AAA Batteries? Check. And on... 

The casualness of the quickly written note, the transfer of life. When I find a discarded list in the bottom of a shopping cart or near my feet when I step out of the car, my heart leaps. I snatch the list up, delighting in a small piece of life treasure.
I am an archaeologist, observing historic cultures and people groups; I study the way the world once was, that different age and moment in which a post-it note well fulfilled it's purpose by being submitting to the scribble of a pen before the walk out the door. "I'm picking up paint. Please get your things out of the bathroom. XO "
  The next moment I am a psychologist in a small windowed room with a clip board, probing the writer for memories and emotions. "Your 'H's' seem a little staunch today, how are things with your mother?" I'd say. 

I love the potential that comes with every library due-date slip, parking ticket and disgruntled bookmark found.  I keep some, send some. Gleaning ideas for my own. 
I've recently reviewed some of my own lists taken down on a post-it, a gas receipt or the 'drafts' folder on my dorky cell phone and it sparked an idea. 

Below is glimpse in to my listy life. The beginning of a poetic series on planning and purpose and production.

April Triad 

I. "Render"
Export Images
Call D
Start Tax Prep
Give to God what is God's

II. "Adjustment"
Write thank you notes. Edlins/Micale/Jill
Call jen.
Finsh englunds.
Book tickets.
Wrap gifts.
Call Court Schedule Hearing for missing license plate.
Buy front plate holder.
Must. Change. Attitude.

III. "Restless"
Ipod+journal + pens
camera + 50mm adapter
essential oils from Grandma
think, recovering biblical manhood/womanhood
Mail B's disk
Cash check
bring pictures for client meeting stuff
suitcase blue+ cowbag
shoes, boots
These boots were made for walkin'.