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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To Do: pt. I

  1. I love lists. 
  2. I love making them, finding them, recreating them, photographing them. I love lists.
  3. I love words put down in dutiful order, representing tasks that take up more than just the space of a 6 letter word.
I love:
The clustered closeness of To Do lists: a profound peek into the personal priorities of time.  
That sighing, brainstorming, 'what-is-everything-I-possibly-need-to-get-done" moment when what's inside the head, -bouncing, gnawing, scooping up attention- is suddenly birthed on to a page in a frenzy of scribbled ball point ink or No.2 pencil. 

The creative potential of grocery lists: how many meals could you make featuring an avocado, after all?

The Shopping lists around Holidays: What began as a scrap utility bill now suddenly morphed into gadsby of dictator. Popcorn maker for Mom? Check. Light-up bug net (Batteries not included)? Check. AAA Batteries? Check. And on... 

The casualness of the quickly written note, the transfer of life. When I find a discarded list in the bottom of a shopping cart or near my feet when I step out of the car, my heart leaps. I snatch the list up, delighting in a small piece of life treasure.
I am an archaeologist, observing historic cultures and people groups; I study the way the world once was, that different age and moment in which a post-it note well fulfilled it's purpose by being submitting to the scribble of a pen before the walk out the door. "I'm picking up paint. Please get your things out of the bathroom. XO "
  The next moment I am a psychologist in a small windowed room with a clip board, probing the writer for memories and emotions. "Your 'H's' seem a little staunch today, how are things with your mother?" I'd say. 

I love the potential that comes with every library due-date slip, parking ticket and disgruntled bookmark found.  I keep some, send some. Gleaning ideas for my own. 
I've recently reviewed some of my own lists taken down on a post-it, a gas receipt or the 'drafts' folder on my dorky cell phone and it sparked an idea. 

Below is glimpse in to my listy life. The beginning of a poetic series on planning and purpose and production.

April Triad 

I. "Render"
Export Images
Call D
Start Tax Prep
Give to God what is God's

II. "Adjustment"
Write thank you notes. Edlins/Micale/Jill
Call jen.
Finsh englunds.
Book tickets.
Wrap gifts.
Call Court Schedule Hearing for missing license plate.
Buy front plate holder.
Must. Change. Attitude.

III. "Restless"
Ipod+journal + pens
camera + 50mm adapter
essential oils from Grandma
think, recovering biblical manhood/womanhood
Mail B's disk
Cash check
bring pictures for client meeting stuff
suitcase blue+ cowbag
shoes, boots
These boots were made for walkin'.


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