I was made to be wide-eyed all the days of my life.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A fresh start and the side of the Earth

Dwell in Possibility.

P.S. I fell off the side of the Earth for a while, and I do apologize. It was an incredibly exciting place full of real life things. The people were great and the days were long, but I'm back!  I'll write about it sometime.

Happy New Year. 
Happy New Beginnings,
Happy New Mornings.
Happy New Evenings.
Happy New Rolls of film.
Happy New Summertime.
Happy New January 4th, 2011
Happy New Journal.
Happy New Eyes to see,
Happy New Ears to hear.
Happy New Outpouring of God's Spirit.
Happy New Revelation of the Man Jesus Christ.
Happy "Behold, I'm making all things new"year.

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  1. "dwell in possibility" is one of my favorite quotes.