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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just Like Ships

Its funny, sometimes, how people can just come into your life with out warning or explanation or reason.

You just show up, to a new place, a new town and all of a sudden there are these people.
New people, that you have never met before. Each with their own story, each with their own book.
You hear their story and they make you want to like them. To be like them. They are the kind of people who make you feel at home in your own skin.
Its funny sometimes, how that happens.

I love it.

Its funny how we all travel.
In and out of each others lives. Back and forth, like ships on waves.
I like how we can dock at the same port for a while, to give rest to [stretch] our weary legs.

I docked with a [new] friend this week.
"Thats her name. Leah."


I've been working at Summit for a while now, Monday will mark week 6 for me. The people here are amazing, brilliant, infact. Everyone is so articulate and knowledgeable. So passionate and persuasive. So ....

It is a little intimidating to work out here, I'll be honest. Its intimidating to work with geniuses everyday, that is, until you start to understand them. Then you just start to get inspired.
For Example, my friend Judson walked hurriedly past me in the hotel lobby last Friday mumbling something about Winston Churchill when suddenly, He stopped turned to me and said "Did I already tell you about my sister?"
"No, tell me"
"She is coming."
He proceeded to tell me of a girl who decided to try something new. A girl who dreaded her hair, packed a backpack, bought a bus ticket, and headed out. To explore the nation. To love on people and hear thier stories. In fact, she was coming here, tomorrow morning even.

"Leah." he told me, "Thats her name. Leah."

She arrived tired and hungry, a Saturday morning at best. Her worn boots told stories of the miles since the farm in Virgina. The buffalo ranch in Arizona, the book she left on the black pavement, the crazy people she had met.

Turns out Leah and I have a lot in common. We are both artists, We both love love, We both are trying out best to follow the Great Lover,
And we both don't know what we are going to do in the fall.
Another thing.
Leah likes stories.

"Everybody's got a story, man"
Thats what she said to me.

Leah has these eyes that just pull you in, delicate and enchanting, yet fierce and full of life.

"Tell me your story" they ask, never presuming. Captivating, they pull you in. They engage, they inspire.

Leah had many conversations this week, about love and life and life on the street and life in the college, about Jesus and love and what it looks like when you mix them all up together.
I had a wonderful time with her. With her and Judson both.

Judson, the intellectual, inspires me to pursue honor and integrity in everyday life and when the light hits just right you can see Europe in his eyes.
"His Truth is marching on" they say.
His truth is marching on.

They are a lovely meshing of the heart and the mind. These two friends of mine.
These new people are changing me a little, I think. How they view God and life and Family and passion and purpose and well, everything.
I am inspired.
To be more like them, or more so, to be more like Jesus.


This morning we brought Leah to the ghetto bus station in Colorado Springs.
"I gotta keep moving" she would say.
Next stop Seattle, if she doesn't get off to work at another buffalo ranch.
I am greatful for the time that she spent here, in this crazy hotel, with all these intimidating people.
The plan is to meet up sometime this August/September and join her on her love endeavor. Perhaps out east somewhere.

Life is good, folks.

I am greatful.

"be an interesting person"


  1. that was beautiful. you are beautiful. (so are leah and judson)

  2. I want to be like her. I want to listen like she listens. I want to press on like he presses on. I want to love like you love.

  3. I am unwinding my day by immersing myself in your pictures. You have got some awesome talent!

  4. Simple things inspire me. For instance, your boldness in describing your friend's eyes. It makes me wish I was a friend like that. Wish you were here to shop at "Worldwide Gifts" with us (the name of the store says it all.) You would most certainly be able to find something gypsy; which, I daresay, would never go out of style. God Bless!

  5. There's an empty space here at home which can only be filled by one named Laura. Grace misses her roommate. We want to hear all your friend stories too.