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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update to date

I sit on a couch.
A black leather couch.

In the corner of a coffee shop, where else?

My friends sit next to me, thier faces also glow from the lights of thier computer screens. My empty hot chocolate cup sits on the floor next to me. Satisfaction in a cup.

I've been on the road for 30 days now and I'm beginning to loose at the seams, I think.
Not huge rips or tears, just a little loosening. My suitcase is taking on a new color (and smell), and I'm pretty sure I've used up all my clothing combination possible. I'm starting to feel a little tired and a little worn, which is funny because its not like I never travel. I travel quite often, but today, while sitting my old secret spot, I realized something. I do a lot of destination travel. You know, I GO a lot of places.
But I don't travel alot.
You know, I don't just go.

I guess, in a simpler way:
I go to alot of places, but not through.

I think that I'm getting more tired these days because I change addresses every week.

I'm learning about security and hope and where I put my trust.
I'm learning what Home means. I'm learning that I can be confident in who I am only because I have Jesus, my Home, who gives me grace to get through each day.

I'm learning a lot about the gift of God, grace, and how it empowers me, how I need it to do anything at all.
Anything at all.

I cannot even love God the way I'm supposed to without the Grace to do so.
I used to think grace was all about weakness.I'm learning its all about power.

The power that God gives me to even breathe, to even exist, to even have a thought. I do it all through the Grace that he gives.

I thank God for His indescribable gift.

(below are pictures from my cell phone. Yeah, yeah. I know.)

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  1. Can I just say.. you are so c.o.o.l.
    [Thank you.] ;-)