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Friday, July 1, 2011

Green Lake Part I [Cottage]

It was Christmas time, the northern landscape was covered in snow and I was working when my phone rang. 
I answered to hear my friend Hannah on the other line, bubbling over with lovejoy:

"We're getting married!" she exclaimed, in all wonder, all excitement.

"Were getting married in Green Lake!"


 It's one thing to photograph one of your best friend's weddings. 
It's a whole other thing to photograph one of your best friend's wedding in Green Lake, WI. Where every day seems like the first and best day ever created, where family and friends abound, where you can't stop smiling because you might explode with excitement, where you understand the concept and admire weddings in the Bible when they lasted for weeks on end. It's a whole other thing when you arrive a week early, and every evening meal, gathered around feels like holy communion. The table leaves at maximum capacity. It's a whole other thing when the nights are filled with conversations and stories and songs and poetry and the 'tap tap tap' of the classic DeLuxe typewriter on the front porch. It's a whole other thing when you look up at the stars and are taken back, when you look into your friends eyes and see something new. It's whole other thing. 
And for good reason, at the cottage we forget to count the days.

 "There may be many Green Lakes,
 but my Green Lake is in Wisconsin."
- Claribel F. Dick


  1. You captured it so well! Thanks!!

  2. Great job! Looking forward to more pictures to come!