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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Summit Summer

Ahem. Hello.
I'm alive, back in Minneapolis and I'm slowly getting back into world-wide-web-picture-sharing mode. I thought that I'd pull some gems out from the lost land of July. Here's a spackling of pictures from what happened to be a few really great weeks in the Colorado Mountains.

Okay, I guess it was a few more than a few.
Ten weeks, really.

MountainsI was called to the Garden, again. Mountains have a way of calling out names, and this summer was no exception.
Garden of the Gods at Summit Ministires

Manitou Hotel Summit Ministries

I had the outstanding opportunity to work and study Christian Worldview at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Summit is designed to equip young people for a life of faith and active culture making in their world. They do it well and with a lot of chutzpa.
It's a glorious pleasure to live in an old white hotel along side two-hundred incredibly interesting people.
To quote the founder, Dr. David Noebel :" It's more fun than a human oughta have."



Kitchen Dessert at Summit Ministries


Students attending Summit hear over 70 hours of lectures on Christianity, Culture and Apologetics from speakers like John Stonestreet, Sean McDowell and Dr. Del Tackett.
John Stonestreet with hosts a daily radio snippet on Christianity and Culture Here.
Session55 (2)

I also spent a legitimate amount of time riding on Julianne's school bus through the mountains...
Garden of the Gods with Summit Ministries

... and loved meeting and making new friends via small groups.
Summit Ministries Graduation
Summit Ministries Graduation Session6
Small Group at Summit Ministries in Colorado
Small Group at Summit Ministries

I had the chance to work with these two classy men in the classroom:
 David Knopp (who keeps a tremendous blog here) and Stephen Sutherland (who doesn't blog, but would probably want you to read this.)  I'm not sure how exactly our paths were allowed to cross again, but I'm a better woman because of it.

I'm also a better woman because God's graced me with Joanna Dukes this summer. Possibly the most practical Tolstoy reading, poem slinging, letter writing, mountain climbing, ab-ripper-personal-trainer and psalmist woman I've ever roomed with. She's in my top 10.

Friends at Summit Ministries

Garden of the Gods Portraits

And again I was reminded this summer that if you look for you love, you'll find it. (Or it will find you.)
And so, I found love, again. In Manitou Springs:
Engagement Photos, Colorado Springs

Engagement Photos, Colorado Springs

Love seems like a good place to end the summer, eh?
Minneapolis, Minnesota is a good place to end the summer. And that's where I'm at -hunkered down in my rent-a-basement bedroom, cozy in amidst a stack of counseling textbooks and a pile of story boards, head reeling with all the stories I've experienced thus far- and all the Untolds to come.

This summer was outrageous. So many people, so many stories, and so many continued possibilities.
What are your Autumn possibilites?
Mine have a whole lot to do with October.

So, best to you.

Laura Clawson

I'm writing letters.
(hint, hint)

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  1. Greetings from the Summit lobby!

    The fire is on, the hotel is cold and we're still painting. You should be here because you're great at painting and, well, I'm really not.

    And that has to be the best picture of Stonestreet I have ever seen.

    Thanks for all the memories.