I was made to be wide-eyed all the days of my life.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dear Julie,


I hope you have a beautiful day today. Its a good day to be alive, you know. Regardless of all the crap that goes on in the world.
Its still a good day to be alive.

This is something that I am learning.
Even last night as we talked for that little bit over facebook chat.
Its a good thing to live, to embrace what God has laid before us, to waste our lives in the pursuit of the Things Permanent. The Things Eternal. The Man Jesus.

here are the images from that day. That fun day when we went into town and took pictures and drank some of that sparkling water from the fountains that didn't taste very good.

You are beautiful.
I love you.

(p.s. consider this chocolate on your desk)

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