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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

slowing down

The Hotel is quiet these days.

The halls kinda creak when you walk down them. I'm sure they have always creaked, its just that you hear it now. Now that it is so quiet.

Everyone left.
Everyone, except a brave quiet few.

The break has been good. A quieting of the soul. I am able to get aloooot done because there is no one to distract me, no students running around, no clanging of the class bell.
Its quiet.
So its good.

At the same time, though, its weird.
Because there is no one to distract me.
There are no students running around, the bell does not clang.

On days like today, when I am up in my office listening to the wind go through the trees, watching the little humming bird out side my window, I am a rest.
But, I am also restless.

This hotel was made for something.
And its unnerving sometimes that its not doing just that.

Tonight will be the real test. All the are taking off this afternoon,
it will be just me and a few other permanent staff here.

I am looking forward to it.
Me and this old hotel of mine.

I like it here, you know. People keep asking me if I am going to come back next year and work on stuff, you know. If I've enjoyed my time here.
"Yes," I tell them, "I've enjoyed it very much. Its old. I like it here."

Will I come back next year? I don't know.
Maybe. Maybe not.
It depends on what I am doing, where I am, who I am.

Today its a quiet day here.
The buzzing of my computer fan keeps me company, the thoughts in my head of this summer pass the time. I am getting things done.

Oh, and I cut my bangs again.

Short style.
Short style.

That's all.

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