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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beneath the Surface Conference

Confession: I think I'm a conference junkie. 

I've been suspicious of this for a while, but this past February I had the remarkable privilege of being a part of the Beneath the Surface Conference in Portland, OR and it was confirmed.
I'm practically addicted.
It doesn't help that Portland is one of the best places on this spinning globe and that some spectacular individuals who love God like it's serious business were putting the conference on.

So folks, Beneath the Surface is a girls conference for for 13-18 year-old girls and their moms. But it's more than just another girls conference. Beneath the Surface has a vision for girls to start living their lives in light of eternity. The real lives and stories and examples stir up a desire to walk worthy of the calling of Christ today, pulling all areas of life under the light of eternity.
 The vision catches. And spreads. And soon, before you know it, you have all of these girls running around radically committed to living a life that makes a difference.

A life that walks in the Light. 

See? This kinda stuff is addicting. 

The Beneath the Surface 2011 Spring Conference, Ladies and Gents: 

The talented Leslie Reavely lead us in Worship. 

 "Now unto the Lamb who sits on the throne be glory and honor and praise."

Sarah Harris's dramatic Interpretation of "The Room"  

Speaker and co-founder Elizabeth Knopp spoke with passion on beauty and the lies we believe.

 David Knopp brought a compelling message on family relationships and holiness in the home.

Rowan and Jocelyn Gillson held us all captivated during their session on boys and romance.

 Walk in the Light,

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  1. Hello! Thank you for capturing these moments in picture! The conference was truly a special, blessed time. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony with us there - I enjoyed it and related. :)

    Kathrina B.