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Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's a goal, a focus of mine this year: Steady

It's a verb, an action word. But it's also a description: direct or sure in movement : unfaltering
 firm in position : fixed, showing little variation or fluctuation: stable

"To know God is to know Him in every facet of our being. It is to know him in our mind, heart, emotional life, in our private world at home and in our public world, in worship, in Christian service, in the arena of ideas, in the conflict of world views, in the competition between religions. Because it is the same God whom we know in each of these ways, through the same Truth he has given us, a person of integrity will be the same person in all these arenas. The point about hypocrisy is that a person is different in different contexts. That person creates a pose or an image, to gain some advantage with some audience. The person and the pose however, are two different things.
 The point about integrity is that a person is the same, even when audiences may not be pleased and when there is, as a result, some cost to pay. "

I want to be steady:

In my sanctification- being conformed into the image of Christ. 
In my worship- Christ in the 10,000 moments of my days.
In my art- making true and beautiful and good things that show the way the world really is.
In my studies- thinking right thoughts about God and this world.
In my theology- God as center, Christ as glorified.
In my emotions- purifying my perceptions, aligning my feelings with the truth of reality
In my relationships- Christ as the subject of my conversations, the object of my thoughts and affections

I want to grow, steady. 

What are some actions and expressions of steady people you know?        

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  1. faithful and steady are synonymous in my mind right now. and it's the goal of my year, too. I think the strongest visual expression of that in the people I look up to is that they are true to their word, even in small things. Their yes means yes. Their no means no. If they say they will be somewhere, they go there. They commit, and they hold to their commitments. I want to be like that.