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Monday, October 12, 2009

snow and other sundry items

This morning, I woke up with light streaming through the window of my room.
The light, like most mornings, makes its way through my window on the east side of our house, this time though it was different.
The west was pouring in a soft light, illuminating the stacks of books and bundles of papers waiting to be read.
At first, I wondered what it was, this phenonomeon of light from the west in the morning,
then, as quckily as I wondered, it clicked.
I remember this light. This soft, quiet glow that seems to hush everything into silence.

Knowing, even before I came to the window, what I was about to see. I cringed. Snow? Already? But its only the beginning of October. I'm not ready for 6 months of this. I crawled out of bed to check it out anyway.

I was surprised.

It was beautiful.

White manna, falling down from the matching white sky, reminding me that everyday brings new gifts.

Covering the green, the brown, the orange, the reds. White, redeeming white covered the front and back and side and all around of our Minnesota yard. A frosting, a reminder.
Change is coming.

The cats, curious, seem to have to be reminded as well, what this white stuff is. Catching the snowflakes as if they were fireflies on a summer night.  The same concept, a different medium.
Change is coming.

It wont last through the week, in fact, even now its dripping off the roof, melting into the grass, making puddles in the driveway.

Its a reminder though,
I might like it or not

but change is coming.

A reminder.

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  1. I thought I would not be ready for winter-the cold, the work, the hibernation... and then this snow, so beautifully created by our awesome Creator melted my heart. It is refreshing knowing that it will be 55 degrees and sunny on Sunday.