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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The change you wish to see in the hotel

So, on the summit packing list, they said to bring an extra pair of ‘work clothes’, you know, for painting and sanding and varnishing and getting all dirty.

I do believe after these two weeks, I have come to a new revelation about my wardrobe.

All my clothes are painting clothes.

I figure the spots and specks simply give more character to already well charactered clothes.

All that to say, this last week painted. One of the students accidentally brought swine flu in and we had to send all the students home. Health and Security, you know.
So….that being said, We had some extra time on our hands and decided to be the change we wish to see in the hotel. You know, bring some color in.

We ripped up flooring and took down wall paper and cleaned and scrubbed and swept and dusted and painted and varnished and ….lost some brain cells in the process, I do believe.

(may the smell of varnish, never your soul tarnish)

(stop and smell the varnish, appreciate your local artists)

( be the change you wish to see in the hotel)

I learned something this week, while painting. While cleaning up this old hotel.
Its very possible to make something old beautiful. It just takes work.
Its very possible to be a redeeming, refreshing source. It just takes vision.
Its very possible to love the world, and life and all there in(no matter how messed up it is).
Its just a matter of remembering.

The world is great. Really, it is.


  1. laura,

    i have never seen the domestics room looking so fabulous! your blog is so cool and so are you! you really are talented =)


  2. Laura,
    Do you need some new clothes? I can send you some clothes.
    The pics are fun to see.