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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Portait of a Self

So I've been super busy these past days.
I leave for Colorado in a few days.

And my mind keeps wanting to take pictures.

So, I just do it.

But, yesterday I stopped taking pictures just for a little while.
I let someone shoot me.
I know, shocking, right?

Dave Morlock is a cool guy. He has this nifty studio set up, right in his house. I didn't really wanna get my picture shot at first, but I went anyway.
It was refreshing. You know, to be a normal person again. Who didn't have to worry about editing or lighting or posing. Just smile. Thats it.
It was good to be normal again.
At least just for a little bit.

He also helped me when my car ran out of gas. So that automatically makes him go up like, 10 points. Thanks Dave. :)
Check it out:

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