I was made to be wide-eyed all the days of my life.

Monday, May 25, 2009

"O LORD, be gracious to us;
we long for you.

Be our strength every morning,
our salvation in time of distress."

Be my strength, everymorning.
I long for You.

Today was Rain. Kinda like yesterday, which was rain.
Oh, yeah, and the day before. Rain.

Here I sit, in the lobby of an old hotel on a mountain. Mesmerized by the fire in front of me. Listening to the laughing voices of "murder of the dark", I am sorta tired. Not by much, not much at all.

I start working on my project tomorrow. I need a think tank.
I need a big white piece of paper. To think, to write and to draw.

Speaking of writing and drawing.
Yesterday I picked up a map. A map, of the United States.
I started to think and look at all the places that I have been and all the places that I want to go. I looked at the lines, you know, the ones that separate the states, the places between You and Me.
I looked at the green parts and the blue parts. The water and the land. The steady and unsteady.
Oh, that water. That big blue water. The same kinda water that is dripping down from the gutter pouring down into the street, splishing, sploshing.

I took out a Sharpie

and wrote this on the blue part, the water, the ocean:

Just like ships, we float through each other's lives
Through the waters of beauty and grace
We will one day dock at the same port
And give rest to our weary legs
There is a light placed up in the sky
Like the stained glass, time slows down
I wish I could sleep, I wish I could dream
I love the sound of my feet against these empty streets
I saw the whole town burn down
I'm walking away
Nothing stays, these feelings have wings
Our arms outstretched, we are soaring


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